Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) Solution

Centralise clinical content and improve access with OnBase Vendor Neutral Archive

When each clinical specialty area stores its own clinical content in a Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS), hospitals end up with different storage solutions in every department. These information silos make sharing clinical data cumbersome, requiring staff to transfer image files to CDs, DVDs or flash drives and physically send them where they need to go.

OnBase Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) provides healthcare organisations with a single storage platform that standardises and centralises medical imaging studies and other patient data from multiple vendor PACS. There is no need to support an additional system. And, because the VNA solution is built on the OnBase platform, it leverages core ECM technologies to make both DICOM and non-DICOM content available in context with the patient record. OnBase VNA also offers users capabilities like workflow and automated retention policies.

Vendor Neutral Archive stores and archives data in its native format

Wrapping your non-DICOM content adds considerably more metadata, but more importantly, it alters the original legal image document, preventing it from being returned to the system that generated it.

OnBase serves as an expandable, electronic repository. It securely stores all of your clinical data in its native format – including:

  • documents
  • reports
  • non-DICOM content, like EKGs and wound care photos
  • DICOM content, like X-rays, MRIs and CT scans

The investment made in your OnBase ECM provides the architecture for OnBase VNA, allowing healthcare organisations to consolidate existing DICOM archives while supporting short-term, long-term and redundant storage as well as disaster recovery. This platform also creates an environment that significantly reduces or even eliminates the additional human and capital expense required to support a separate VNA.

In addition to standard VNA functions, OnBase VNA archiving allows your organisation to leverage all of the core OnBase capabilities and workflows not available from “traditional” VNA vendors, and apply them to your clinical content. OnBase VNA provides organisations a suite of powerful workflow lifecycle management and data sharing tools, opening up a new level of functionality never before possible in either the VNA or ECM solutions individually.

Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) provides access to a more complete patient record

To support more informed care, the OnBase VNA solution allows authorised users across the enterprise instant access to the information they need, where and when they need it from within the EPR. This not only helps bolster use of the EPR, further positioning it as your system of record, but it helps healthcare organisations move that much closer to the goal of “One patient. One record.”

Clinicians view notes from referring physicians alongside ultrasounds, examine today’s EKG alongside a previous one and see X-rays next to the associated radiologist report, empowering more informed decisions that lead to improved quality of care.