Gift Contract Management

Stabilise and grow funding with a gift contract management system

Throughout every fundraising campaign, major gifts is the difference between meeting and exceeding goals. 

But as the donation ask grows larger, the need for formal contracts or gift agreements becomes a factor. And the last thing you want is to lose out on a major gift because a mistakes is made or a task is left undone.

With OnBase for Gift Agreement, advancement and development offices manage the entire business process for a contract request. The gift contract management system provides:

  • A comprehensive view of all contract requests in process
  • Automated process workflows that remind staff of upcoming delivery dates
  • Security that ensures all information surrounding a gift can only be accessed by those who need to see it

Once the gift is signed, staff have immediate access to all final documents through the advancement CRM solution. The gift agreement system also automatically stores the contract in the donor record – ensuring the donor history stays up-to-date.