Student Billing

When Bursar’s offices provide students with superior service – including quick, clear and convenient channels for paying tuition and other bills – they drive revenue up and administrative costs down. 

All too often though, these offices inadvertently create barriers to fast, efficient billing and payment. Bogged down in manual, paper-reliant processes, staff experience slowdowns and bottlenecks when issuing bills, generating reports, filing receipt documentation and updating the student information system or other financial systems of record, which makes cash flow less than optimal. 

By leveraging OnBase for student billing, Bursar’s and other student financial services offices enjoy fast turnaround for payment collection and processing while offering students convenient ways to check their account status or make a payment – such as through an online student-facing portal. 

With OnBase electronically managing documents and providing business process automation tools, institutions quickly and easily implement a streamlined, service-oriented approach to student billing while accelerating cash flow. 

OnBase for Student Billing 

  • automatically routes, files and indexes individual transactions for processing and review 
  • reduces administrative overhead and bill-to-payment turnaround times 
  • increases cash flow and student satisfaction