Workers’ Compensation Software Solutions

When an employee is injured on the job, he is often consumed by uncertainty. How long will he be away from work? Will it affect his pay? Where will he get help?

This uncertainty becomes a challenge for insurance companies. Under a work cover claim, how do you create an environment for the injured worker that provides maximum medical and rehabilitation benefits that result in the highest likelihood of a speedy and successful return-to-work?

More than that, what about associated costs like medical management? What about lost productivity and a reduction in work-life capabilities? Or increased costs and resource strains?

By capturing key documents and information faster and more accurately, and creating completely automated and tracked actions and processes, OnBase helps everyone involved in a work cover case gain access to the exact information they need, and at the time they need to act on it, faster and easier than ever before.

Timely, efficient reporting and processing of workers compensation claims

More than half of claims reported within the first two weeks close within 18 months. However, only 29 per cent of claims reported more than a month after the accident close within the same timeframe.

By using digital portals, insurers can provide state of the art capabilities for employers, injured workers, medical practitioners and case workers to more effectively initiate, gather and collaboratively share information. Empowering these groups with the ability to work together improves claim reporting and speeds processing.

At the same time, the injured worker gets more timely information, assisting him during recovery and rehabilitation. Employees who are satisfied with the overall response to injury or illness return to work 50 per cent faster with 54 per cent lower cost.

Increased collaboration and communication between constituents

Increased collaboration and communication between all parties, including the injured worker, medical practitioner, case worker, employer, and insurer, results in better medical outcomes and a faster return-to-work. Here’s how:

  • OnBase workflow capabilities make defined guidelines for suggested treatment protocols immediately available at the time of diagnosis, enabling injured workers to have treatment plans in their hands – including the expected return-to-work date.
  • Supporting information is transferred immediately to the insurer so the purchase plan for treatments are pre-approved and payment is scheduled.
  • The medical practitioner can communicate to the injured worker directly, as well to other constituents in the process, such as the rehab facility and employer. This allows for the modification and optimisation of treatment in real time.
  • All the while, the claims adjuster can monitor the rehab more closely and track areas like fraud and other possible abuses with greater accuracy.

Enhance security to protect client medical information

OnBase provides enhanced security of personal medical documents and other private patient information as mandated by global compliance regulations.

OnBase also offers a variety of security features – including built-in measures and additional security extensions – to ensure information is protected throughout its lifecycle. User privileges in OnBase are designed to be simple to administer and ensure information is protected by default. And powerful encryption ensures that your important data is secure while it is in use, in motion and at rest.