OnBase for Accounts Payable

Video Transcription

Your organization receives invoices on a daily basis and effectively managing these documents is critical to your business operations.

How efficiently is your accounts payable department handling invoice processing and related activities?

OnBase accounts payable solutions streamline AP business processes. Accelerating invoice processing by automating manual user tasks and sharing data with your ERP system, all while providing increased visibility.

Without OnBase, organizations may struggle to pay invoices on time. AP departments with limited staff are often tasked with handling an ever-increasing number of vendor invoice and paper invoices are easily lost or misplace, creating process delays.

OnBase tackles these challenges:

  • Increasing efficiency of invoice processing while reducing administrative costs
  • Leveraging your ERP investment and improving compliance, regardless of how invoices are received – paper, email, fax, or EDI

OnBase captures the documents electronically storing them in a central secure location with advanced capture functionality. OnBase extracts and validates key data from invoices and other related documents, reducing the need for manual data entry and mitigating the risk of human error.

AP departments decrease labor and administrative expenses while eliminating inefficient paper processes. Once documents are in OnBase, your users can access them through their familiar devices and platforms performing geocoding and approving invoices directly from their mobile device or email application.

Customizable business rules ensure that invoices are presented to and approved by the right people quickly and easily and organizations can make real-time changes to those approval processes as their business conditions change.

Approved invoice data is passed to your existing ERP systems including Lawson, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, JD Edwards, MS Dynamics and more. This integration reduces the need for costly custom coding and allows your users to access invoices and supporting documents stored in OnBase directly from their familiar business applications. OnBase also provides increased visibility through audit trails, real-time reporting and executive dashboards, supporting compliance initiatives and reducing the cost of the process.