Baptist Health of Louisville

Baptist Health of Louisville shares how OnBase serves the enterprise by replacing many applications with a better one.


Video Transcription:

[Mitzie O’Rourke]


Baptist Health has brought medical technology, modern facilities and prominent physicians and medical associates to the Commonwealth of Kentucky since 1924. We have nine hospitals and we have almost 400 clinics and over 2,000 beds.


They began implementation in February of 2015 and currently, approximately 70% of the hospitals are implemented and about 85% of the clinics are implemented. Baptist Health uses OnBase in several different departments. The most prominent, of course, is the Epic integration that's used in ambulatory and the clinics. It's also used in patient access.


And it's fully implemented in AP as well. I've been in  IT for over 30 years and some of the benefits of implementing OnBase and Epic were consolidation. That's the biggest one I see. I know of at least eight applications that we’re replacing. Looking forward to the future, we know that OnBase is one platform with unlimited potential, so we don't need to go out and buy other applications, we can just use it. We can use it in HR, we can use it in different departments, so from an IT perspective, instead of 10 or 20 new applications, we support the one new application with fewer people than we would have with 20 new.


Looking back, we consolidated. Moving forward, we’re consolidated. We are making smart decisions to save money for the company and yet have a robust application for the enterprise.