Hyland Software: Now 10,000 Customers Strong

CLEVELAND – May 16, 2011 – Today, Hyland Software reached a milestone – 10,000 customers. While the number itself is an achievement, it’s the individual customer stories that really tell how Hyland has come this far and continues to gain momentum in the enterprise content management (ECM) software market. Keeping with the principle Hyland conducts business by – focus on the customer first – who better to tell this story than number 10,000 themselves? Representing the customer base – from hospitals to credit unions to insurance companies – here is the story of Hyland’s 10,000th customer: fabric-based solution manufacturer Glen Raven.

Glen Raven, based in Glen Raven, North Carolina, has grown from a family-owned cotton mill to a global leader in performance fabrics. As the company grew to include multiple locations, its accounts payable (AP) department was also replicated across these locations with different invoice processing systems. To support the effort to streamline its AP operations, Glen Raven chose Hyland’s OnBase ECM solution, and to work with one of Hyland’s established value-added resellers, KeyMark.

The manufacturer’s story is indicative of how Hyland’s customer focus drives its solution and its business – from enabling Glen Raven to streamline its AP operations by integrating OnBase across multiple systems, to working with a proven OnBase solution provider, Liberty, South Carolina-based KeyMark.

“In all that we do, Hyland Software promises to focus on the customer first. So on behalf of the Hyland Software team, thank you to each and every one of these organizations that count on us to deliver today and into the future. And, thank you to our partners across the globe that helped us achieve this milestone,” said A.J. Hyland, president & CEO of Hyland Software.

“While this milestone demonstrates what Hyland and its partner network have already accomplished, it’s even more representative of what we’re capable of achieving in the future. With that, I look forward to number 10,001 and beyond.”

In addition to its growing customer base, Hyland Software also continues to gain market share in ECM. From 2009 to 2010, the ECM market grew overall revenues by 7.6 percent. During the same timeframe, Hyland grew its revenue year-over-year by 24.8 percent.

For more information about Hyland Software and its OnBase ECM solution, go to http://www.hyland.com.

About the Hyland Software solution, OnBase
One of the world's largest independent ECM software vendors, Hyland Software is the developer of OnBase. An award-winning suite of document and process management solutions, OnBase has a proven record of solving problems resulting from time consuming, costly and error plagued manual tasks. Available on-premises or as software as a service (SaaS), OnBase installs quickly, cost effectively and is designed to grow with organizations. Today, people at more than 10,000 organizations in 67 countries have the time to do the things that really add value thanks to OnBase. For these and other successes in its 20 year history, Hyland Software is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management, 2010. For more about how document management software is helping organizations to solve their operational problems, go to Blog.Hyland.com.