WESTMED Practice Partners Wins Global Award for Excellence in Case Management Leveraging OnBase by Hyland

CLEVELAND – June 19, 2014 – The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) recognised WESTMED Practice Partners and OnBase by Hyland for empowering knowledge workers in the healthcare industry to adapt business and work processes to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of knowledge work. Announced during the BPM and Case Management Global Summit, WESTMED was honored for improving performance and increasing transparency across the enterprise. WESTMED accomplished this by leveraging OnBase as a reusable application framework for configuring case management solutions and checklist management applications. Configuring these solutions on a common framework enables WESTMED to achieve a more systemic view of the status of interdependent tasks and activities that are being performed by individuals, teams and departments. With such a systemic view in place, WESTMED is able to more easily anticipate and proactively respond to how an issue in one area of the organisation will affect other areas.

WESTMED provides hospitals and large physician practices with administrative turnkey services to build and manage multi-specialty outpatient facilities. WESTMED previously used spreadsheets to manage and track thousands of procedure checklists to help staff members complete a wide range of tasks. Variable methods for completing and tracking work activities offered little visibility into task activity and process performance.

By replacing traditional spreadsheets with OnBase, WESTMED used an information-first approach to process improvement, complementing conventional ECM workflow with a flexible application configuration framework. Using this method for applications across the enterprise, WESTMED was able to:

  • Raise the uptime of IT systems to 98 per cent, an increase of 13 per cent
  • Generate more than 40,000 total checklists in OnBase
  • Improve service level commitments for onboarding providers and clients
  • Increase visibility and accountability with process dashboards displayed across the organisation

“I don't tell staff what to do, I show them what they're doing,” said Dr. Simeon A. Schwartz, chairman and CEO of WESTMED Practice Partners. “To standardise the way you operate, analytical transparency is vital, especially when the process is not formally defined. Everywhere you go in WESTMED, you’ll find process dashboards that help us achieve our goals of increasing transparency, productivity, consistency and service. ”

To learn more about OnBase’s recent recognition by Forrester Research for case management and smart process applications, read Time to rethink how OnBase helps organizations realize their full potential on the OnBase Blog.

For more information about OnBase, visit OnBase.com. For more information on WESTMED Practice Partners, visit westmedpartners.com.

About OnBase by Hyland

OnBase is a flexible and comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) solution that helps organisations manage documents and data to streamline business operations. Integrating with everyday business applications, OnBase provides instant access to critical information when you need, wherever you are. OnBase grows with organisations as needs change and business evolves. For more information, please visit OnBase.com.

About WESTMED Practice Partners

WESTMED Practice Partners provides a turnkey solution to hospital systems looking to build a free-standing, comprehensive outpatient center with a full range of primary, specialty and ancillary services.  As a management services organisation at the forefront of modern medical care, we use technology to manage the administrative processes related to health care so that the medical services our clients provide can be evidence-based, efficient and effective.  WPP believes the combination of quality care and clinical efficiency that WPP exemplifies will be the hallmark of successful medical practices in the future.