Redstone Federal Credit Union connects core system and content management

Despite success with diverse software applications throughout the credit union, departments were disconnected and processes were manual. These process problems led to delays for both Redstone staff and members. Leaders were especially concerned about member complaints due to lengthy wait times. Paper processes also led to increased costs and decreased staff productivity because too much time was spent looking for information. With so much paper, the credit union also found it difficult to enforce consistent processes.

Redstone chose OnBase to make it easier for staff to find information and improve member service. Credit union leaders wanted to give staff access to any piece of information they might need to serve members. To do so meant storing and managing many credit union documents in OnBase, but allowing users to access them from virtually any system.

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“OnBase allows us to tie our core systems together so staff finds information faster and members get what they need sooner,” said Rob Akins, manager, Records Management for Redstone.

Five ways OnBase changed the way Redstone does business

Redstone benefits from OnBase many ways. Here are five at the top of the list:

  • Integrates key systems: OnBase’s flexibility allows the credit union to integrate it with its core, online banking system, CRM and PeopleSoft, giving users access to real-time information.
  • Speeds member service: “Employees don’t have to call another department and ask for help anymore,” said Kelly Gustafson, assistant manager of Data Center Operations. “They can serve themselves – and members – faster because they have so much information at their fingertips.”
  • Lowers costs and increases productivity: Not only was the cost of paper, copiers and fax machines high, but so was the cost of decreased productivity. Redstone devoted an entire team to finding and sending documents around the credit union. Now, instead of focusing on everyday requests for statements or loan documents, the team tackles bigger issues.
  • Creates consistent processes across teams and locations: In addition to speeding up the approval process, workflow management forces contracts to follow the credit union’s business rules. With consistency in the process, Redstone stays in compliance with contract-related regulations.

>> View, download and share a more detailed PDF-version of this case study <<