Westfield Bank increases service levels and accuracy, decreases cycle times with OnBase

Across Westfield Bank and its 12 branches, paper was becoming a problem. While data was safe and accessible in the Fiserv DNA™ core banking system, related documents were paper-based. This led to slow processes and long customer wait times. Meanwhile, employees were chasing paper instead of helping customers – or getting work done.

That all changed when Westfield turned to OnBase by Hyland.

“OnBase lets our staff focus on customer service. Even if it gives them just a few extra minutes, that’s more time to get to know customers and cross-sell,” Andrew Weibel, assistant vice president of Information Systems, Westfield Bank.

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3 ways OnBase changed the way Westfield Bank does business


Here’s how OnBase is helping Westfield Bank reach its full potential:

  1. Increases teller-customer interaction: With instant access to documents and information, Westfield delivers quick, accurate and helpful customer service.
  2. Makes audits easier: Not only are records instantly accessible, auditors can be given limited remote access to information, eliminating on-site visits.
  3. Increases process speed and accuracy across the bank: With paper out of the way, employees find what they need, when they need it, keeping work moving effectively in every department.

>> View, download and share a more detailed PDF-version of this case study <<