Paper vs. ECM: Who will win the AP Playoff?

Two accounts payable teams face the pressure of more invoices and more complex processes

One has automated invoice processing with enterprise content management (ECM), and the other hasn’t.

Want to know how they match up against some of today’s toughest AP challenges? This infographic runs you through every play in the game.

Find out how Team Paper and Team ECM stack up against:

  • Inefficient processes: Who spends more hours manually keying in and sorting invoice and payment data?
  • Limited access: Which team benefits from remotely available files?
  • Poor visibility: Who suffers from limited insight and increased liability?

Once you see the results of this classic match-up, you might be ready to join Team ECM. If so, learn how to lose the paper and win.

Download the extended eBook: Accelerating Accounts Payable to find out more about how ECM helps overcome major invoice processing obstacles.