The mobile workforce is on the rise, with research showing it will likely grow to more than 70 per cent of the labor force by 2020. As mobile transformation happens outside your office walls, your workforce is expecting more and more of their work to be “mobile-enabled.” Whether its mobile access to critical data or the ability to continue and push forward processes while on the go, there is no question mobility has to be a key piece of any information systems strategy.

But the need goes beyond access via mobile device. Many employees require mobile access even without connectivity – whether customer service representatives, homecare nurses, insurance agents or simply traveling staff completing work during air travel.  

Mobile platforms without offline functionality require employees to find (often cumbersome) workarounds to ensure they can access information while disconnected. These workarounds can also create organisational risk.

In fact, according to IDG research:

  • Over 70 per cent of respondents claim they print out hard copies of documents before leaving the office
  • Nearly half of respondents store files and documents locally on their mobile device
  • 44 percent of respondents load files to an external drive to take with them

A mobile ECM tool with offline capabilities enables employees to remain productive when they’re outside the office and disconnected – eliminating cumbersome prep work and minimising the burden of having to manually rekey data or navigate download procedures.

Download the IDG research-based whitepaper, “Offline Access is Key to Unlocking Mobility’s Promise,” to learn more about: 

  • The challenges organisations face with a lack of offline information access 
  • Why professionals across the globe consider mobility an important part of their work and why offline access is a critical component
  • The technology solutions that ensure employees always have the information they need to keep business running

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