Why ECM?

How ECM helps solve today's top business process challenges

Most companies determine that they need a strategic enterprise content management (ECM) solution after they have identified an overarching business challenge - often handling too much paper or unstructured information that causes bottlenecks when trying to process, access or store the information. A simple example might be mortgage loan origination file. There's a lot to keep track of in that file. And if a form is missing, it's that much longer until close. It's all a million times easier with ECM.

So what's your challenge? If you are not sure, but you know you've a challenge to overcome, let’s start by focusing on six of the most common problems we hear from customers. We’re guessing one – if not all – of these will sound familiar to you. Take time to read them all, just to get a sense of how ECM can help you resolve these wearisome time stealers, productivity killers and ulcer promoters.