Data Validation

Data validation software and assisted data verification

It is important to make sure data is correct from the moment it is ingested into your systems to avoid costly mistakes down the road. But asking staff to jump between systems and manually review related information wastes time and money.

An OnBase data capture solution extracts information from documents and provides a host of methods to ensure the accuracy of extracted data.

How automated data validation improves accuracy

OnBase can use format of the data to understand validity of what is extracted, such as date or an identification number – with easily configurable rules per data field. The capture solution can also perform mathematical functions, as well as other configured rules in accordance with your business processes, to help further validate lifted data. And it can compare lifted values with those already existing in your other systems and databases to make sure the information matches.

After automated validation, any exceptions are flagged and presented to verifiers alongside the document, allowing them to easily and quickly correct or validate the data field in question. 

Once the data is validated, OnBase immediately delivers the documents and data to your other systems.