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Efficiently Create efficient records retention and destruction processes

To remain legally compliant, you must have a reliable records retention and management solution – one that ensures documents are destroyed at the appropriate time and cannot be unintentionally deleted beforehand.

The OnBase solution for records retention manages the retention and destruction of stored documents according to predefined schedules for each document type. The destruction process is initiated by the passage of time, allowing for automatic deletion and/or removal from OnBase. Your organisation may determine the document retention time period, though in many cases, such as in government or the healthcare, insurance and financial services industries, document retention time periods are dictated by regulatory requirements for inspections or audit. As a result, automating records retention with OnBase helps organisations avoid fines and reduce legal risks associated with expired content.

Achieve compliance goals with automated records retention

Using OnBase to automate the retention and destruction of documents provides many benefits to organisations, including:

  • Enforcing structured retention policies for document destruction across the enterprise
  • Minimising legal risks associated with the accumulation of expired records
  • Reducing processing expenses associated with manual deletion of documents
  • Saving storage space through the automatic destruction of documents that no longer have value

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