Database Platform Migration

Your database environment is not just the core of your OnBase system, it is critical to supporting enterprise growth, new market opportunities and the multitude of business processes that must consistently execute effectively. 

When the time comes where you have to upgrade or replace your database software, engage our Database Platform Migration Services for general consulting services, specific questions or for end-to-end migration services. Our award-winning database engineers are certified on multiple platforms, including Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server® and Sybase®.

In this type of service engagement, it is our goal to share our information and techniques so that you increase your capabilities and comfort-level in maintaining your system going forward. By collaborating with our database experts, you and your technical staff can learn directly from Hyland’s engineers how to best migrate, implement and configure OnBase databases for optimal performance and supportability.

Decades of experience. We work with all types of supporting infrastructure components and hardware.

Of course we understand the specific OnBase considerations when migrating from one platform to the other. But our experts also have years of real-world experience designing and providing training on a multitude of supporting infrastructure components and hardware. 

We offer end-to-end Database Platform Migration Services from initial discovery to go-live, including:

  • evaluating and enhancing or extending the physical infrastructure supporting your databases
  • migrating database software platforms 
  • providing written documentation that outlays the amount of allowable system downtime, and the impact to business needs
  • validating all data elements were successfully migrated to the destination database
  • providing discrepancy reports as well as comprehensive maintenance documentation

We will design the project plan around your specific environment, database platform, OnBase considerations and dependencies, as well as the resources available for the project.

Our Migration Plans provide a realistic timeline with project milestones for the entire migration process, including testing procedures, future database maintenance tasks and detailed schedules.