Storing, maintaining and reviewing CAD drawings is an essential part of the change management process. However, these processes can be difficult when employees are located in separate offices without access to CAD applications.

With OnBase Engineering Drawings Management, organisations:

  • Integrate with CAD systems, allowing users to archive, retrieve and modify compound drawings directly from the CAD applications they use every day
  • Allow non-CAD users to access drawings, speeding up reviews
  • Streamline change management processes for faster project completion

Using OnBase, CAD users store their drawings in a single place, reducing the time spent searching for drawings and related documents. CAD users have instant access to their global files locally using OnBase caching technology, eliminating delays while trying to access large files. OnBase also allows CAD users to distribute drawings to non-CAD users for reference or review, providing shop personnel, maintenance staff, facilities managers and others with quick access to the drawings they need.

The Engineering Drawings Management solution also increases efficiency in the change management process. OnBase captures, processes, securely stores and manages revisions of CAD drawings so that organisations can focus on more important tasks and initiatives.