Subject Access Request Solutions in Healthcare

Streamline your subject access request process

Manually completing subject access requests in healthcare is a costly, time-consuming process prone to error. Inadvertently overlooking or missing a key part of the patient record risks violating regulations regarding the transfer for protected health information (PHI), resulting in steep penalties.

OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) not only ensures regulatory compliance, but increases how quickly and accurately HIM departments fulfill subject access requests.

Improve the subject access request workflow process with OnBase

By establishing a secure, efficient and accurate release of information process, OnBase:

  • Logs, tracks and verifies records requests
  • Ensures medical records are complete and releases only authorised information
  • Provides a complete audit trail of all interactions, with reports of what, when and to whom a release was provided
  • Offers multiple methods of delivery, including print, export to CD/DVD and encryption
  • Automatically creates fulfillment letters and invoices

With such release of information process improvements, your healthcare organisation’s medical records management department takes subject access requests from a labour-intensive cost center to a streamlined profit centre.

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