Solutions for EPR integration

Unify disparate systems to achieve a true EHR integration

Clinicians need all of a patient’s information. Yet, while most EMRs manage patient data and structured information, even the best systems can't manage the unstructured content (think paper documents, faxes, images, photos, etc.) that originates outside of it. When clinicians still have to go to a paper chart or navigate through multiple applications to find this important patient information, clinician adoption and satisfaction rates of your organization's "system of record" will suffer.

Worse yet, clinicians may need to make a care decision without having all of the available information, putting patient safety at risk.  After all, emergency surgery isn't something you can postpone until someone locates an insurance form.


No matter how or where patient information originates, it has to be easy for clinicians and staff to get the information they need when, where and how they need it.

Increase user adoption of your system of record by increasing its usefulness.

As an enterprise solution, OnBase complements your EMR solution to establish a more complete electronic patient record - one that offers easy and immediate access to the information that your clinicians and staff need at the moment, and in the context, they need it. An OnBase-EMR integration also utilizes native business process automation tools to streamline processes, creating not only a more connected healthcare enterprise, but a more efficient one as well.

Fulfill your EHR strategy while extending the value of core HIT applications throughout your healthcare organization by integrating them with OnBase.

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