Webinar: Independent research reveals an ROI impact analysis from ECM

Our guests from Forrester Consulting present a recently commissioned total economic impact (TEI) study, an ROI analysis, related to the purchase decisions of an ECM solution by Universal Insurance Group (UIG), a large P&C insurer. Learn to identify the cost, benefit, flexibility and risk factors that affect an ECM investment decision. 

In this webinar Forrester will review the value of ECM by revealing the ROI impact analysis of OnBase and how Universal Insurance Group’s ECM solution: 

  • Could achieve a 217% ROI with a payback period under 7 months of implementation 
  • Improves efficiency of core processes significantly and scales with growth 
  • Accrues reductions in general operating expenses 
  • Provides quality of service to customers and business affiliates

Watch the webinar now!

*Forrester Consulting is part of Forrester Research, Inc. a global research and advisory firm who guides leaders in IT, marketing and strategy, and the technology industry through independent fact-based insight.

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