Lawson (Infor)

Partnering with Lawson

The OnBase integration with Lawson and Infor products continues to be crucial to streamlining business processes and becoming more efficient. The integration is used for quicker requisition-to-pay processing, contract management needs and better managing HR and payroll functions. The OnBase for Lawson integration is used in a wide-variety industries and departments.

Combining the OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solution with Lawson’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system produces an integrated solution capable of being deployed across the entire organisation. OnBase streamlines Lawson processes throughout the enterprise by creating a central repository for the enterprise’s supporting documents and information. This allows users to connect related documents and easily retrieve them with a single click in Lawson.

As an Infor Complementary Partner, Hyland maintains a dedicated team of employees in customer support, product development, sales and strategic alliances. Because the core industry foci of Hyland and Lawson are aligned, the integration easily fits the industry.

To provide a strong and consistent integration with Lawson, Hyland: 

  • Meets regularly with Lawson to share product strategies and create new advantages for our customers
  • Collaborates with Lawson to update the Lawson development roadmap, ensuring a strong integration with OnBase
  • Receives extensive functional and technical training on S3 
  • Delivers consistent solutions with a continuous and effortless upgrade path between Lawson and OnBase