The whole point of having an ECM system is so that you can access your important information quickly and easily.  Everyone who needs access to this content should be able to access it easily, from anywhere.  The user experience in an ideal ECM solution is:

  1. Personalised. The ECM software must be intuitive. The ECM interface should allow personalisation to accommodate the preferred work style of each user.   When your users have ability to personalise the interface, putting the documents, forms, business processes and reports that are important to them right at their fingertips, they can work more efficiently.
  2. Integrated. Your users’ primary application is often something other than your ECM system.  When they need to access the content from their ECM system, related to the information on their screen, they should not have to juggle between two applications.  Ensure that your ECM system extends to your other applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, Office, ERP systems, and all your other critical applications.
  3. Mobile. Your ECM solution should make your content available from mobile and tablet devices.  This is a fundamental requirement, because having instant access to your information from anywhere has a profound impact on productivity.  Your processes don’t have to wait just for people to get back to the office.
  4. Offline. Do you have road warriors challenged by inconsistent and unreliable network access? Ensure that your ECM system will give them the ability to capture photos, retrieve, create and update documents and forms.  You eliminate the time and energy spent on entering data when back in the office because all the information automatically synchronises when connected back to the network.
  5. Extended. It’s great that YOU can access all your information, but what about your customers, constituents and students? Improve your customer service by allowing your customers to submit forms, track their status and access documents online.  You also eliminate time and money spent printing and mailing documents and forms.