Your ECM solution should be able to capture any file type from any physical location, and automatically classify your documents.  An ideal ECM solution will:

Capture all file types 

The value of ECM goes way beyond scanning.  Your solution should have the ability to capture all your important content, paper, electronic and data in one system. 

Your ECM solution should preserve the native file type, rather than standardising all your files to one proprietary format.  This would limit what you can do with your content in the future and inhibit your use of the capabilities within the applications that created it, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and CAD to name a few. 

Capture from any physical location

Your ECM solution should provide you the flexibility to capture high volumes of documents right on location, saving you the cost and time associated with transporting them. You should never have to ship documents to a centralised location, just to scan them into a system.  That’s what the internet is for!

Automatically classify your documents

The most expense in your organisation comes from your people, not your software.  Every document you import needs to be classified and indexed.  Your ECM vendor should be able to provide multiple, cost-effective options to help reduce this manual task.  Your ECM solution should not introduce significant additional manual work just to get the documents into the system.