Any Application

OnBase has integrated with more than 500 different applications with no time or money spent on custom coding, making it one of the easiest and fastest ECM solutions with which to integrate.

OnBase also provides flexibility to create your own integrations with our APIs and Web Services.

Integrate without custom code

Hyland provides a seamless, easy-to-use integration tool called Application Enabler. This integrates OnBase with your business applications with literally just a few mouse-clicks. Instead of weeks or months, most customers complete integrations in a matter of hours. And because there is no custom coding needed, you can upgrade your other business applications without worrying how it will affect OnBase.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. Application Enabler is about more than just accessing documents. Using information on the application’s screen, OnBase can automatically fill out E-forms, launch workflows, print barcode cover-sheets for scan jobs, dynamically compose documents (such as offer letters and policies) and more.

One long-time customer integrated OnBase with 12 different applications in one day!

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Every organisation is different, and unique business problems often require unique solutions. What if you could completely customise your solution to make it exactly what your users need?

The OnBase suite of APIs gives you that flexibility. Your programmers are provided with access points to create custom applications and integrations with OnBase documents and automated processes. Because programming interfaces are provided for industry standard languages – Web Services, .Net, COM, Java – your developers won't have to struggle learning yet another proprietary platform.

Unique problems, unique solutions – through the OnBase APIs.

Web Services

Do you need to provide real-time information to customers, business partners, and systems outside of your organisation? Do you need to provide your remote offices with system information?

Documents and automated process information can be delivered through internet-based connections using OnBase Web Services. OnBase also has the ability to call web services to obtain data from external systems. The result: two-way, real-time integrations between systems – ensuring that current, complete, and accurate information exists in both systems.

Reach beyond the firewall with OnBase Web Services.