Data, Conversations, and Activities

When modeling your business processes, you should consider how you are going to track and handle all of the surrounding activities, such as phone calls, emails and conversations.

If these activities are not a visible part of the process, not only can no one can see the reason why the process is stalling, when a decision is finally made, it cannot be supported or tracked.

The term Case Management encompasses the ability to link the entire spectrum of activities surrounding each transaction directly to your business processes, making a complete solution.

OnBase natively includes the ability to add electronic “sticky notes” to documents, which is a very simple way of tracking small amounts of data and activities surrounding documents.

The following tools allow you to build entire solutions around the activities and interactions which happen in your business, all inherently connected to your documents.


Imagine if all parties to a business transaction shared their work in a single place.

With OnBase, manage discussions that lead to business decisions alongside related content. Reach resolutions faster with a complete picture of the problem.

Minimize the cost of miscommunication – with OnBase. 


Do you need to manage case files or new processes that don't fit into your old systems? Are you lacking the technical resources to quickly create the custom solutions you need?

With OnBase, track your phone calls, e-mails and other business data with custom applications created in a point-and-click design environment. Tailor the application to the needs of individual users, departments or the entire organization. Store data alongside related documents, providing key decision-makers with the complete picture of business issues – in one place.

Stop using spreadsheets. Start creating the custom applications you need with OnBase.

WorkView Integration for Microsoft Outlook

Do you need custom applications that access critical business data and content? Wouldn't it be nice if those custom applications required no training for your overworked staff? What if the data and content needed were directly accessible from the e-mail application that your users always have open?

With OnBase, interact with business data directly from Microsoft Outlook. Increase productivity by eliminating the need to search in multiple places. Simply click a button in Outlook to access OnBase documents, data, and process tasks. Monitor supporting documents and data about a customer while corresponding with that customer by e-mail.

Find all your information in your familiar Outlook location.