Revise and Sign Your Documents

When you are storing your documents on file shares, Microsoft SharePoint, email inboxes and personal computers, frequently employees use their own system of “revision control." They may change the document name (new, newer, newest sound familiar?) and then save to different locations. The management of your documents quickly becomes a nightmare.

Do you have business processes that require that documents get signed? How do you physically sign a document which is stored electronically and how do you verify that an electronic document has not been altered after it has been approved?

Take a look at the tools available within OnBase, turning the management of revising and signing your documents into a dream.

EDM Services

Do you know which employees are revising your key business documents? Can you track every modification made to these files? With constantly changing content, how can you ensure that users only access the most current document? With OnBase, all employees – even your remote staff – will always be working with the most up-to-date versions of key Office documents and images.

Multiple editors, multiple versions, multiple revisions. All easily managed by OnBase.

Digital Signatures

Do you need to obtain legal acknowledgement of your key business documents? How can you be certain that your signed documents haven’t been forged or altered since acknowledgement?

Eliminate the risk of fraudulent document alteration with OnBase. Efficiently track electronic acknowledgements of documents using digital certificates – ensuring authenticity and integrity. Guarantee your signed documents remain protected and unaltered after authorization.

Signature Pad Interface

Do your compliance requirements mandate handwritten signatures? Are you incurring printing costs just to obtain a physical signature?

Capture and apply signatures electronically to your documents and forms with a stylus device and OnBase. Guarantee your signed documents remain secure and unaltered. Eliminate the mishandling and processing delays of paper.

Capture handwritten signatures without the hassle of paper.