Build better applications faster with a low-code content services platform

Be more responsive to the needs of your organisation by rapidly configuring content-enabled business applications

A low-code platform like OnBase allows you to configure a variety of business applications – including dynamic case management and process automation – that fill in the gaps between your line-of-business systems.

Minimise the need for costly custom coding, inefficient shared spreadsheets and disconnected point solutions. Replace antiquated departmental databases with applications that seamlessly connect data, processes and related documents.

Low code explained: Defining and understanding the rapid app development movement

Join Forrester Vice President, Principal Analyst John Rymer as he discusses the foundational concepts for low-code development platforms – and how your organisation can benefit.

How low-code development platforms benefit all industries

Hyland's low-code development strategy with OnBase

We're undergoing our own digital transformation at Hyland, and our team relies on OnBase to rapidly develop purpose-built applications that solve an ever-expanding range of business challenges.

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