When you are responsible for maintaining or extending an ECM solution, it’s likely that you will want confirmation that your methodology is the best approach from time to time-especially when using the OnBase APIs, or approaching a considerable upgrade. 

For example, the OnBase API libraries are broad-reaching and extensible; there are multiple methods that could work for a solution. But use the wrong one and it could impact performance as the system grows. Additionally, as workflows evolve over time, new features are often developed that simplify and improve the process. 

Our support services teams provide the assurance you need. 

Engage our OnBase development experts when you need to dive into the code.

We understand the day-to-day issues our OnBase support and developer communities face, because we make interactions with you a focal point of our mission. 

We take your feedback very seriously. 

From technical support interactions, to VOGUEs and training conferences—including Hyland’s TechQuest —we believe that this type of knowledge-sharing builds the best solutions. 

Code Review

When you have questions in certain areas of a new solution, don’t spend weeks troubleshooting; our experts can efficiently review, validate and document findings on your custom code. 

Solution Assessment

Our experts recommend often small changes to workflows and functions that replace outdated configurations or scripting, and greatly improve functionality and performance.

Upgrade Services

Our services are designed to develop your upgrade skills and confidence, whether you need us for consulting, remotely upgrading your smaller systems, or performing an end-to-end, onsite upgrade.

Technical Support

Contact our award-winning Technical Support team to assist with any issue or question you may have regarding your OnBase solution, 24 / 7 / 365.

Staff Augmentation

Our certified experts can onsite or remotely fill vacancies in OnBase support roles, such as System Administrator or Workflow Developer, for as long as you need. 

My OnBase

My OnBase is a single community page that presents your most important OnBase system and support information.