Employee Separation

Effectively handle the employee termination process

Ensure proper offboarding with OnBase

Employee separation happens with all staff at some time. Whether it’s through resignation or termination, it’s critical HR staff effectively follow their organization’s employee termination processes.

Using OnBase, HR staff can automate the management of the termination process, including:

  • Ensure employee offboarding tasks are completed in a timely manner so proper systems and building access are removed
  • Notify Payroll with instructions about how to process final paychecks
  • Give Benefit’s staff instructions regarding what benefits will continue and for how long

Support improved offboarding processes

For HR departments, the OnBase solution for employee offboarding:

  • Enables staff to easily track the entire employee offboarding process and monitor tasks across departments
  • Ensures the separated employee no longer has access to the organisation’s applications, critical information and facilities
  • Provides a holistic view of all related information in a single location
  • Eliminates the cost of a custom integration with applications like human capital management (HCM) systems, easily connecting HR staff with the information needed to properly offboard employees
  • Decrease costs by reducing the paper and manual tasks associated with employee offboarding

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