Banking Compliance Software & Audit Solutions

By electronically storing and organising your documents in a single repository, OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) gives you competitive advantages. Not only does it allow faster access to information, but it also guarantees consistent and timely management and disposition of documents. This facilitates easier audits, ensures compliance with internal and external standards and prevents costly legal battles.

Achieve banking compliance with OnBase

With OnBase, employees don't spend time searching for, tracking and managing paper. Instead, your team focuses on projects that bring value to the organisation and make a difference to customers. 

Keeping you in compliance with regulations and prepared for audits, OnBase logs every time a user accesses, views, edits or acts on a document. Executives and managers have easy access to review all audit logs to ensure everyone is following the organisation’s rules. You even have the ability to make the audit logs available to external auditors via a secure website, helping to avoid costly penalties and ensuring corporate and industry compliance standards are met while reducing the cost of and billable hours for external auditors. 

With OnBase, your bank: 

  • Ensures consistent record keeping, guaranteeing the right information is available to the right people
  • Automates document retention to provide consistent disposition 
  • Responds to audit requests and legal concerns without hesitation 

Be proactive with banking compliance software solutions

In today’s regulatory environment, financial institutions need to make sure their systems are secure, auditable, traceable and flexible enough to quickly adapt to any new regulations and requirements. 

OnBase provides the tools to ensure consistent record keeping while guaranteeing the right information is available to the right people. And its flexibility means it evolves with financial institutions and the regulations that govern them.