Why is an Electronic Patient Registration
Process so Important?

Make patient registration fast, easy and accurate with OnBase

Creating a paperless patient registration process with OnBase Mobile eCapture offers healthcare organisations a win-win: Staff no longer scan and index patient data, re-directing their attention to higher value tasks like patient service. And, with electronic patient registration, patients spend less time in waiting rooms completing redundant forms and entering duplicate data.

A highly flexible solution, OnBase supports the way healthcare organisations work. Organisations may configure batches of patient registration forms by visit type and facility, define lifespans - even create forms in multiple languages.

Easing the patient registration workflow with mobile 

Greeted by a personalised welcome screen, patients read, complete and sign registration forms on a mobile tablet device. Through a seamless integration with the EPR, OnBase pre-populates the digital registration forms with the patient information already found in the EPR – for example, a date of birth, address, phone number or insurance information. Patients only need to provide information that’s not yet been entered. 

What are the benefits of an electronic patient registration software solution?

OnBase mobile solutions for healthcare helps hospitals:

  • Reduce and potentially eliminate all paper entering the healthcare organisation via registration 
  • Make documents available to anyone in the organisation, even at remote clinics or hospitals hundreds of miles away 
  • Eliminate the need to index documents, as the values are taken from the existing registration system, saving time 
  • Change the language of all forms instantly to accommodate a linguistically diverse patient population

See? We told you it’s a win-win.

Available for Android or IOS