Student Onboarding

Community colleges, as well as some small private and public four-year institutions with open or minimally selective enrollment policies, experience unpredictable student enrollment behavior. With students frequently enrolling just before class start or even the first day of class, such institutions must matriculate these students as quickly as possible. However, mired in paper-based processes, all too often Admissions and Registrar’s offices struggle to keep up with the demand. 

By managing application files electronically, OnBase for student onboarding optimises application processing operations. OnBase pulls in online applications, e-transcripts and scanned supporting documents (e.g., tax forms, paper transcripts), automatically matching and indexing the information to create a complete file for admission decisions. As it does so, OnBase also updates checklists in the student information system (SIS) and captures line item course and grade data from transfer transcripts, posting the information to the SIS or degree audit system. For schools with entirely open or non-selective enrollment policies, OnBase also supports straight-through admissions processing.