Adding smarter business processes can make your PeopleSoft solutions, already the backbone of your institution, even stronger. Leverage your critical investment – time, training, software and services – to extend your PeopleSoft solutions and protect your investment with OnBase enterprise content management (ECM).

With OnBase, your processes, such as admissions application processing, transcript evaluation, financial aid award verification, curriculum review, HR faculty contract management and so much more, are quicker, more accurate and easier to accomplish.

When you leverage the OnBase Integration for PeopleSoft, you bring data from PeopleSoft to support making decisions and send those decisions back to PeopleSoft. This protects PeopleSoft as your system of record and eliminates people checking multiple systems to be sure they have all they need in departments such as:

  • Admissions: The integration speeds admit decisions by automatically indexing documents, updating PeopleSoft checklists and electronically routing the complete applications to the appropriate counselors
  • Financial Aid: The integration supports faster financial verification, supporting compliance and giving confidence during awarding to help protect enrollment numbers
  • Transcript Processing: The integration writes an equivalency decision and the resulting new rule to PeopleSoft so the system is immediately ready to award credit the next time that course is transferred
  • HR: The integration updates document checklists to speed and simplify employee on-boarding and support compliance

With the OnBase Integration for PeopleSoft, you streamline operations, automating processes and improving your ability to quickly and efficiently process a student application, verify a financial aid package, evaluate a student transcript and more.