Arts & Entertainment

Ensure the integrity and security of your data from pre-production to distribution

More than 80 entertainment organisations worldwide rely on OnBase to securely manage data, drive contract management processes and simplify the complexity of employment file life cycles.

OnBase features industry-leading security, flexibility and adaptability, making it the choice enterprise content management platform for organisations looking to eliminate the employee time and physical space wasted by archaic, paper-based processes. Whether implemented on premise or in the cloud, OnBase can meet the needs of each department – including Accounting and Finance, Human Resources and Legal – with one easily supported application, letting organisations start with a single solution and expand as time, goals and budget permit.

By implementing OnBase, studios, production companies, agencies, TV networks and more can:

  • Capture and manage nearly every category of information, including employment contracts, crew/cast contact lists and call sheets, script proposals, rewrites and continuity logs, daily production reports, expense breakdowns and budgets.
  • Promote faster inter-departmental processing, allowing staff to make better, more informed decisions.
  • Provide users with mobile access to information on their phones and tablets, allowing them to work on projects no matter the time or their location
  • Scale their solution across corporate and branch locations while managing information in a central repository.