The OnBase integration for Epic experience

Discover how more than 150 Epic customers are leveraging OnBase to unify their IT platform, improve ease-of-use for staff, and positively impact the quality of patient care and safety.

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What is the true power of an OnBase solution integrated with Epic?

Attach photos, labs, or other documentation to scheduled appointments through the OnBase integration for Cadence. The OnBase paperless registration solution ties seamlessly into Prelude. With an OnBase integration for EpicCare Link, out-of-network physicians can easily access patients’ historical medical records, even securely capture mobile photos with Haiku.

After referral, utilize the OnBase integration for Canto to view complete patient information. Imagery and reports are automatically integrated to the patient window at the order level. Receive immediate notifications on new results and supporting images and documentation. Results, images and relevant documentation can be automatically released with the OnBase integration for MyChart.

Every day over 10,000 healthcare workers and tens of thousands of patients rely on an OnBase integrated solution for Epic. With 19 Epic software integration points – more than any other vendor – OnBase integrations for Epic have been an industry leader for more than a dozen years. And, with over 150 Epic customers leveraging an OnBase integration, OnBase has become the gold standard in driving a unified IT platform improving ease of use for physicians and truly making a difference in the quality of patient care and safety.

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