Departments collaborate better with Hyland Imaging Services

Departments share documents more easily while benefiting from a higher level of security than ever before.

Video Transcription

I'm Yvonne Dupree and with the American Institutes for Research in Washington, D.C. I am our OnBase Administrator/Systems Analyst. We are a leading research company; we do research for various governments and agencies. We have a big international group for girls and women's education. We've been using OnBase for about 10 years in our contracts and grants office, our finance office, billings, and recently, our HR department.

Our users have been really enthusiastic about it. Most of them have gravitated very naturally to it because of the ease of product. The biggest benefit has been the fact that more than one user can see a document, have access to it, process it, sign it, electronically route it through workflow and it's just more contained and managed. The security we wrapped around the documents with security keywords and that type of thing gave them a level of security they never had before.

The benefits have been primarily getting more users interactive with the various departments seamlessly so they all are sharing documents, payroll sharing documents with HR, rerouting things, getting most of them connected in a way that they've never been connected before and still having access to everything.

How Human Resources Overcame Security Fears with Hyland Imaging Services

When the HR project first started the biggest issue was the fear of sending the documents off-site. Our security manager went through layers and layers of what's going to happen in this scenario. Once we got past that hurdle, the problem became well what if I need something and it's not here; we can get it instantly it's not going to be a problem.

The imaging services group was just great to work with. We could talk one-on-one, they understood where our needs were and they're very responsive. If I had to call them because I needed a document they had in hand, I had it right away. It elate the fears of our HR department who were really reluctant to let loose their documents but having that instant contact with that group was what made this such a good project.

I think overall getting that fear factor down at a level when the first set of boxes came back from the imaging group and they were uploaded within a night was an eye-opener for them and they started to feel good about it. So good that they then in turn emptied out the storage and we sent all of our terminated files offsite to be imaged and they were in love.