Global Aerospace Aviation Insurance


Tom Assenza, senior vice president, IT Services manager, Global Aerospace

We made a conscious decision back around 10 years ago to move from a simple document management system to OnBase, so that gives us the ability to use workflows and a lot of other modules. 10 years later, we've been able to implement most of what we set out to do at the time and then some.

For instance, at this point, we're looking to move offices. We're able to quickly do that, to make a quick decision and scoop up some additional real estate without having to worry about files.

With work from home applications in play right now, people have access to all the information they need, at their fingertips, without having to worry about any paper files any longer.

We were able to basically replace, one for one, an old, antiquated document management system with a new future-proof one in OnBase. We were able to sort of transform all of our information from one to another quite easily. We were also able to work with our HR department into a full-back file conversion into OnBase for all of our HR files. It proved to just allow for a more efficient product going forward for us.

OnBase is pretty much a part of all of our processes at this point, whether it be front-end processes and portals that we're delivering to our customers or back-end operational processes in our back-office operations.

So OnBase is used in all of our external systems. We have a quoting system, all of the information that gets put in routes back using OnBase workflow to different teams. All of the documents that get generated through all of our external portals are also stored in OnBase, so it's basically a part of the fabric of our quoting and underwriting systems.

We integrate OnBase into almost every transactional system that we have. We use it and integrate with our underwriting systems, our claims transaction systems.

We use EAC and all information coming in from external vendors - as far as invoices and bills are concerned - that's all integrated into our accounts payable and our claims management system as well. So it's pretty much integrated in most of our applications at Global Aerospace.

We have a program called One Global, so anybody anywhere around the world can call any underwriter around the world. That underwriter is expected to service them. With OnBase, they are able to do that now.

The OnBase subscription model, we went to it last year, and it has enabled us to do so much more with the product than we ever thought possible. We have the ability to pretty much try anything we want and just work on different processes to see what works, what doesn't, and we can tweak things.

It just gives us the ability to do things that we never thought we'd be able to do. OnBase has helped us store and deliver information to our customers faster than ever before. We were never able to service a worldwide customer base from any location. With OnBase, that allows us to do that now.