OnBase Security

Securely store and protect your content

OnBase offers a variety of security features – including built-in measures and additional security extensions – to ensure your information is protected throughout its lifecycle.

Secure permissions

User privileges in OnBase are designed to be simple to administer and ensure information is protected by default.

  • Built-in user and group permissions provide authorized users granular levels of access right down to the individual document-level.
  • Single sign-on utilizing NT or LDAP authentication protocols simplifies the administration of your security policies.
  • Permissions must be explicitly granted, as default permissions are set to “no access”; this reduces the risk of unintentionally granting certain users access to the wrong information.

Secure at rest, in transit and on user devices

Powerful encryption ensures that your important data is secure while it is:

  • At rest: Encryption within the database and file servers protects sensitive information even if unauthorized or malicious server breaches occur.
  • In motion: Transport Layer Security (TLS) protects data while it’s being accessed across the internet, and can also protect data being transferred between servers.
  • In use: Data on mobile devices, tablets and laptops is encrypted to ensure information is not compromised if an unauthorized person attempts to access the hard drive directly.

Masking and redaction protects sensitive information

Even when users are granted access to specific documents, those documents often have metadata and/or contain information that the user should not be able to see. OnBase helps control for this via:

  • Masking: Configurable masking of data fields restricts unauthorized users from seeing unnecessary information stored in OnBase keywords. 
  • Redaction: Documents in OnBase can be redacted automatically according to business rules, or manually redacted by users. When confidential or sensitive information is redacted, OnBase creates permanently redacted documents and stores them as separate documents. Users given access only to the redacted documents will never be able to see the information that was indelibly removed.  

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