The solution owner's experience: The benefit of configuration without code

You don’t need to be a developer, DBA or programmer to implement, change or improve an OnBase solution. With a focus on configurability rather than being programmable, OnBase delivers an enterprise content management solution that is extremely flexible.

In the video above, listen to Miguel Zubizarreta, OnBase by Hyland's Chief Technology Officer, expand on the three reasons OnBase is designed as a configurable platform: 

  1. Ease of deployment and improvement
  2. Ease of upgrading from one version to the next
  3. Business agility

If your organization only spends a month deploying OnBase, tweaking it when your business takes a right turn may only take a couple of weeks rather than six months or a year. OnBase makes it easier than ever for any business analyst or user to:

  • Build applications
  • Automate processes
  • Manage documents
  • Capture information
  • Manage users

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