SIRE Product Update

As you know, we are committed to supporting your SIRE solutions and keeping you up-to-date on our work to help you develop your road map for the solutions you depend on. To ensure you have the latest, most accurate information on our progress, we will use three key communication channels, in addition to your work with your account manager:

  1. Look for monthly communications
    You will receive emails about once per month with the latest information on development, gap analysis activities, support and services information. You can also bookmark and visit this page on for the latest information.
  2. Join the SIRE End Users Group on Community for information and documentation
    Because we know emails sometimes get overlooked, communication will also be posted on the SIRE End User Forum on Community. If you haven’t signed up for Community, you can do so at Navigate to the SIRE End Users Group under the “Groups” tab and request membership. In addition to this regular communication, you’ll find a forum for information, technical questions and documentation. 
  3. Educational webinars
    Finally, we’ve had an overwhelming number of requests to see OnBase in action and to better understand what OnBase can do as a document management solution. To meet this need, as well as address the interest in a gap analysis between the current SIRE Agenda solution and OnBase Agenda Management, we  conduct webinars approximately every six weeks. Please contact your account manager for future webinar dates.

While many end users are considering OnBase to meet their future needs, support for current SIRE installations will continue. There are no plans to end support for your SIRE solutions. We appreciate your feedback and interest as we  continue to work through your questions, requests and concerns. By communicating with you frequently, we hope to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.