Empowering Employees for More than 20 Years

Talk about empowerment. Hyland Software was built on empowerment. 

As the story goes, Hyland Software founder Packy Hyland Jr. was just starting his career and consulting for a small Wisconsin bank. He heard about the bank’s search for a software solution that would allow it to reduce the amount of paper it was producing and processing. 

After taking a look at the technology the bank was considering, Hyland threw his hat into the ring. Packy understood the bank’s business problem and was determined to provide a better and more affordable technology solution. Never mind that he had never written a line of code or built a software solution before.

Today, Hyland’s dedication to empowering its employees to take risks, solve problems and build a successful career lives on in the innovative and creative work Hyland Software employees produce every day. Whether it’s developing new software, marketing and selling OnBase, our award-winning enterprise content management (ECM) solution, or supporting the customers, partners and employees who bring OnBase to life, Hylanders take on whatever challenge presents itself, and have fun conquering those challenges.

At Hyland, our employees are our family. We work hard to ensure that every employee reaches his or her maximum potential while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Our decisions are rooted in a deep sense of care for the individuals who work here and their families. 

And we’re recognized for it. Northcoast 99, the annual recognition program that honors 99 great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio, continues to call us as one of the best places to work in Northeast Ohio. And local media, like The Plain Dealer and WKYC-NBC regularly feature us as outstanding employer – and one that’s eager to discover new talent.

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