Leap Year Program

Every four years, we get an extra day. A bonus 24 hours tacked on in February each leap year to spend as we please. To make the most of that additional day this year, Hyland Software partnered with HandsOn Northeast Ohio to restore a local elementary school for the Positive Education Program (PEP). Photos from the event are viewable on Hyland Software's Facebook page. 

Hyland employees were able to:

  • Paint 66 door frames and 30,000+ square feet of classroom walls
  • Landscape several thousand square feet that will become a community garden
  • Clear debris and weeds from over a thousand yards of parking lot
  • Clean dozens and dozens of windows
  • Remove thousands of staples from classroom and hallway walls 

In addition to donating over 1,800 volunteer hours, Hyland and its employees donated $75,000 to purchase educational technology tools for students. 

"Our kids walked through the building each afternoon with huge smiles on their faces, truly feeling the love with which this work was being done. Our staff members felt so valued as they saw the energy and passion you all brought to this project. In the course of PEP's 40-year history, PEP has never been the recipient of an act of generosity like this one. You have earned the deepest gratitude from our 500+ staff members and the 2,500 children and families we serve each day." 

Susan Berger, 
Development and Community Relations Director 
Positive Education Program (PEP) 

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Employee Inspired

Service in an inherent part of the Hyland culture. Our intention is to participate in giving back and supporting the community and to enable the employees of Hyland to share in that effort.

To that end, our Employee Inspired Grants are closely tied to our employee interests. Employee Inspired Grants are reviewed by an employee council and, if approved, supported by the Hyland Software Corporate Responsibility program.

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