Brenda Kirk, SVP of Corporate Strategy & Product

Brenda Kirk joined the sales department of Hyland, creator of OnBase, in 2000. She was promoted to Director of Financial Services in 2002 and held that title until becoming VP of Sales, Americas, in 2005.

Under Brenda’s sales leadership, Hyland’s total revenues increased more than 96 percent. In 2010, she took on the newly created VP of Strategy post to help drive the company’s long-term strategic vision and growth goals.

In 2016, Brenda was promoted to Senior Vice President, Product & Strategy, assuming executive leadership over the company's Development, Quality Assurance, Technical Support, Global Cloud Services and special ops teams. 

She serves as Chair of the Board for the MetroHealth Foundation, helping advance the mission of one of the largest, most comprehensive public health care providers in Northeast Ohio.


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