Ken Malone, VP of Technical Support

Among enterprise content management solution providers, Hyland has a reputation for providing top notch customer support. As vice president of technical support, Ken Malone is responsible for leading the team that fulfills – and exceeds – this high expectation every day. 

Before joining Hyland, creator of OnBase, Ken worked at Fiserv as a Hyland OEM partner, and at Bremer Financial in St. Paul, Minnesota, as an OnBase System Administrator. “To have a successful technical support team, it's not always about knowing one right answer. But it is about knowing as much as you can about the customer you're serving, whether that's a partner or an end user. I've been both, which I think helps me bring a well-rounded perspective to the technical support team." 

In 1995, Ken joined Hyland as a software installer, primarily installing OnBase solutions in banks. Then, in 2001, he led the launch of Hyland's office in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he managed a technical support team dedicated to customers and partners in the financial services industry. 

“As someone who's both installed and supported software, I've learned that no two customers are the same. That is why it's so important that first and foremost, the Hyland technical support team is passionate and dedicated to the success of each individual customer. Only then can we deliver support that consistently exceeds expectations, and ultimately, the best overall OnBase experience." 

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