Hyland Story

Hyland's story begins with the collaboration between a passionate entrepreneur and the partnership he forged with his first customer. That spirit of collaboration and innovation continues to drive Hyland Software’s successful growth and innovation. And it is why it is woven into the very fabric of our core values: Our customers are our partners. 

Our story began in 1991 when Necedah Bank, a small financial institution in Necedah, Wis., was searching for a solution that would help it reduce or eliminate the need to print pages and pages of daily reports. Its current process was wasting money and making it next to impossible for employees to find critical information, affecting both customer service and its industry competitiveness. 

As electronic access to information was a pretty cutting edge idea back then, the bank found only one software vendor that said it could make the impossible possible. Doing so, however, would be costly. 

That’s when Packy Hyland, Jr. stepped in. 

Packy throws his hat in the ring
Packy was a young man at the beginning of his career. He was working as a consultant for Necedah and learned about the bank’s software search. Packy understood the bank’s business problem and was determined to provide a better and more affordable technology solution. 

So he threw his hat into the ring despite never writing a single line of code in his life. 

In a few short weeks, after many trips to the library and a lot of testing, Packy installed the earliest version of OnBase, our enterprise content management (ECM) solution, at Necedah. And with that implementation, Hyland Software was born. 

Building customer partnerships and creating real business solutions
But building a culture of understanding the customer’s challenges and solving those challenges – of providing real business solutions with OnBase – wasn’t easy. There were a lot of long nights and missed paychecks. But Packy, the Hyland family and a small band of Hylanders knew they could solve real business problems with OnBase and worked passionately to prove it. By learning from and working alongside our customers, they did. 

This example of collaborative partnership with our customers, set by Packy more than 20 years ago, is the foundation of Hyland culture. It’s also the way we develop our product. From the beginning, Hyland believed OnBase solutions needed to be easy to install, intuitive to use and straightforward to expand. 

It’s how we’ve evolved the solution over time, and it’s what drives our product roadmap today. 

This idea of learning from and working side-by-side with our customers is also what keeps Hyland innovative. We are constantly soliciting feedback from employees, partners and customers to develop new solutions and functionality. Just like when Packy walked into that bank all those years ago and said, “There is a better way,” we are always executing on ideas to meet customers’ needs and evolving to exceed their expectations. 

And we’re ready to exceed yours.