How NYU Langone eased registration bottlenecks

What's the most important step in developing a mobile registration process? Making sure everything ties in seamlessly to the electronic health record.

That's one of the lessons learned by NYU Langone Medical Center, which recently launched a tablet-based registration platform for patients of the Joan H. Tisch Center for Women's Health. The platform, for the center's inpatient and outpatient locations, enables patients to start the registration process online at home, then finish the job on tablets in the waiting room.

The project, involving the health system, Hyland Software, Samsung Electronics America and Computer SI and funded by a $5 million gift from AIG, not only eliminates paper files (an estimated 200 sheets of paper a day) and cuts the time spent in the waiting room, but eases the workload of clinicians. No more scanning paper files into the EMR, or typing in data, or trying to look from the chart to the EMR and back again while talking with a patient.

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