Programmed for Progress

The article showcases Hyland's recent renovation of the former Five Seasons building which added 23 acres and additional 169,000 square feet of office space for its growing employee base. With the help of The Kruger Group and LS Architects Hyland converted the former tennis club into cohesive working space that fits with its culture. The open floor plan and natural light allow for more open collaboration among employees while the game room, outdoor tennis courts and gym provide fun options for employees to take breaks and decompress during their breaks.  

 Working with a great team, the renovation went underway without any major issues or road blocks. “From a speed, functionality and dollar perspective, we really needed to function as one team. If we hadn’t worked together so well there’s no way we could have completed the work and move employees in in under six months,” Kirk said.  

Read the Properties Magazine article.

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