WESTMED advances care with OnBase Checklists

Health IT Outcomes interviewed Dr. Simeon Schwartz, CEO of WESTMED Practice Partners, to discuss OnBase Checklists. Dr. Schwartz explains how WESTMED uses OnBase Checklists to complete thousands of processes, ranging from changing the furnace filter to calculating physician pay.  Checklists are automatically created based on current policies and procedures stored in OnBase and then assigned via email. As checklists are completed, the results are compiled into three dashboards for managers, directors and executives for complete transparency.

WESTMED built 2,200 policy and procedure workflows that help staff members complete up to 1,000 unique checklists per week.  WESTMED has control over every task and is adding clinical process improvement to ensure all patient care parameters are completed in a way that makes clinicians sensitive to WESTMED’s goal of accountability. 

Watch the video on the Health IT Outcomes website.

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