Hyland Software Introduces OnBase 12

CLEVELAND – July 10, 2012 – Technology continues to change our expectations of how and when we access and use information. In our personal lives, regardless of where we are, the information we want is easily at our fingertips.

Organizations across the globe are under increasing pressure to deliver the same instant access to relevant information in the workplace. With the latest release of its enterprise content management (ECM) solution, OnBase 12, Hyland Software helps them meet this challenge.

OnBase 12 revolutionizes how organizations connect with information.

Your Personalized Experience: Where your information finds you.

With OnBase 12, information is presented to you without having to search for it. The new release gives users even more intuitive instant access to the content related to the business applications they’re working in. Information is presented in a desktop widget, right on your screen, updating in real-time, without requiring even a single click.

By allowing users to create their own custom personal page, OnBase 12 delivers instant access to all the tasks, forms and processes needed to more efficiently complete work specific to that user’s role. It is truly a personalized ECM experience.

And information finds you wherever you are - in the office, or away from your desk on a smart phone or tablet - giving users instant access to the information necessary to make informed decisions and keep business moving. Past releases introduced mobile functionality that extended the value of our customer’s ECM investment to their mobile devices. With OnBase 12, Hyland enhances the OnBase mobile experience by delivering documents to your smart phone or tablet, allowing for better, more informed decisions from wherever you are.

Plus, it’s more than just documents that find you. It’s data, reports, notes, tasks, activities, reminders and conversations, you name it – it’s all available, as you need it.

Your Solutions: Easily implement and evolve your business processes.
To deliver this personalized experience, your ECM solution should fit both your business needs and employees’ work styles. OnBase 12 is flexible enough to handle the entire spectrum of information crucial to a business process, not only the documents but also the conversations, tasks and activities which surround them.

This new release introduces the OnBase Case Manager solution, giving users a 360-degree view into case-based processes, allowing for smarter decisions faster because all of the information is right there, at your fingertips.

OnBase 12 also introduces an intuitive, visual tool to design and implement your business process workflows. While you’re mapping out your processes visually, behind the scenes OnBase is building the workflow logic for you. And, with only one click, OnBase assembles your documentation for you, simplifying your processes for training and compliance.

Your Infrastructure: Support the long-term growth of your solution.
With every release, Hyland continues to focus on strengthening the core platform of OnBase. With OnBase 12, users have platform support for Microsoft SQL Server 12. In addition, Hyland strengthened its foundation by bolstering the architectural platform of OnBase, adding new server components, which ensure the best performance possible for organizations that deploy OnBase through a wide area network (WAN).

More than 3,100 enhancements were made to the latest version of OnBase, and more than half of those came from requests from customers.

“Hyland reinvests 15% of its revenue annually into the research and development of OnBase. We not only dedicate the financial resources to our solution, but we listen to our customers to ensure they always have the functionality they want and the ECM solution they need,” said Bill Filion, vice president of software development at Hyland.

Find out more about OnBase 12 at Hyland.com/OnBase12.

About Hyland Software
For more than 20 years, Hyland Software has been dedicated to meeting organizations’ needs for document and process management with OnBase, our enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

Hyland focuses 100 percent of our development on OnBase, evolving our ECM solution through consistent product innovation and real-time customer feedback. Flexible and easy-to-use, OnBase empowers users to build and expand their solutions. OnBase is tailored for departments but comprehensive for the enterprise, designed to give you what you need today and grow with you over time.

With more than 10,800 lifetime customers, a partner network of more than 300 Authorized OnBase Solution Providers, customers in 63 countries and offices on four continents, Hyland Software is one of the most viable vendors in the ECM market.

*OnBase 12 was released and available on June 29, 2012.
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