Basic Level ODN

Below is a description of the process to become a Basic Level ODN partner, and what you can expect to receive as an ODN partner.

  • Submit your application to become an ODN partner
  • If approved as an ODN partner, Hyland will create a custom connector for your software application, authorized and approved by the Hyland Development staff (the “OnBase Connector”)
  • The OnBase Connector will provide basic API capability to perform the following tasks within the OnBase system: 
    • Archive
    • Connect 
    • Disconnect 
    • Retrieve 
    • Update 
  • Hyland will deliver the custom OnBase Connector to you, allowing you to develop your API connections to the OnBase Connector 
  • To assist in the development of your APIs, Hyland will provide, without charge:
    • A “not-for-resale” OnBase demo system 
  • Hyland’s designated developer will continue to provide ongoing support to you during the term of the agreement during normal business hours 
  • Cost per ODN partner software application (separate OnBase Connectors will be developed for each different ODN partner software application): 
    • $8,000 initial payment 
    • $6,000 annual fee thereafter
    • 2-year commitment to the program 

Advanced Level

  • Provided on a quote basis only
  • May include more functionality